Stemi DV4 – Your Universal Tool for Training, Research and Everyday Tasks

4x zoom and 100% focus:  Stemi DV4 is more than an inexpensive microscope. The patented zoom of Stemi DV4 guarantees brilliant images in high resolution. View your samples with precise focus through the full zoom range: From 8x to an impressive 32x magnification. Get a crisp threedimensional image with crisp contrast and zoom freely from an overview to the smallest details.

  • Cost effective stereo microscope for all routine applications
  • True Greenough principle optics with durable technology
  • Image remains in precise focus throughout the entire zoom range
  • Easy operation of all key functional elements
  • Large free working distance
  • Attach additional components, such as a camera and sample carousel for educational purposes
  • Stemi DV4 SPOT features integrated fiber-optic cold light illumination for a fully illuminated field of view

The Inexpensive Stemi DV4 Stereo Microscope – Exemplary in Education and Training

  • Easy operation of Stemi DV4 helps to motivate educators and students for an unforgettable learning experience
  • Students will enjoy to learn the basics – the Greenough microscope leads them to remarkable results
  • Brilliant images and durable technology

Stemi DV4 Greenough Stereo Microscope – Fully Fit for Industry

  • Precision optics deliver brilliant impression of your sample at one glance
  • Change easily from transmitted to reflected light or combine both
  • Control the illumination in a compact unit built into your Stemi DV4