Hitech Europe’s metallographic polishers TSP Series have an advanced electronics thanks to the colour touch screen microprocessor. All the functions can be set analogically and controlled precisely by the electronics.


Working cycles might be created and stored. The touch screen has been realized using the most advanced technologies. Indeed, it has simple and intuitive settings.
On the touch screen the polisher pictures appears and the user can set the test parameters just clicking on the different areas of the picture: the wheel rotation speed (clockwise or anti-clockwise), the air pressure and the speed of the head on the samples, the water command and the peristaltic pumps’ fluid jets (for a controlled and programmed distribution of the abrasive liquids) can be regulated.
The TSP Series models allow to prepare 3 or 5 samples at the same time using the individual pressure system.
The instruments equipped with the COMBO system are able to use, alternatively, the individual pressure and the central pressure. This method prepares not mounting samples too.