Plant for bottling water (Bulgaria)

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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

An operating plant for bottling water, located in Bulgaria, is on sale.

The plant was built in 2008, and since then it has been constantly working. The plant is located on its’ land with the area of 3450 m². On the territory there is a piece of land with an area of 876 meters. There is also a warehouse and utility rooms on the territory.

Plant for bottling water in Bulgaria is on sale

The plant for bottling water is equipped with:

  • Semi-automatic bottling line for 0.5 l to 1.5 l bottles, of capacity 1000 – 2000 bottles/h;
  • Automatic bottling line for bottles between 5.0 l and 10.0 l with capacity up to 500 bottles/h;
  • Automated line for filling of 19 l gallons of total capacity 180 gallons/hour;
  • Bottling machine for sparkling water and soft drinks with total capacity 1000 bottles/h – 0,5l;

The plant for bottling water also has:

  • Can capping line: 1 off with capacity 800 cans/hour;
  • Two tanks with a capacity of 10 and 25 tons of water
  • Antimicrobial sterilization system
  • Its own transport means: 2 trucks, 4 minibuses and 3 light trucks;
  • Compressor

There are two water trademarks, at the moment the plant produces only one, but at any moment it is possible to use another source of water.
1st well is for spring water (1 l/s.), 2nd – is for table water. At the moment the plant has the right to use 2 l/s from the second spring. What is respectively 85 cubic meters of water and 173 cubic meters of water per day. Payment of rent for each spring is 1000 leva, respectively (1 euro = 1.95 lev). You can increase the withdrawal of water by 5 times.

There are all necessary certificates and permission documentation.

The owners are guided only by nearby consumers and are engaged in another business, so for a long time they did not develop the factory and sales. Now they decided to sell the company and trademarks with a full set of documentation.