High value and solid video measuring microscope with motorized axes, built with standard components from our component system.

Due to the modular design, customer specific solutions can be realized in a short time.

• optical system with telecentric or infinite optical path

• exchangable objectives or turret
(optional motorized)

• motorized measuring stage with 3-axis-joystick
for fast and comfortable positioning

• flexible tube configuration using our component system

• stable cast steel stand

• stepless trasmitted and coaxial incident illumination with
glass fiber and cold light source

• high resolution digital video camera

• optional attachment of different optical sensors
(e.g. triangulation laser, white light sensor)


Measuring stage Movement range X / Y / Z (mm) Options / Accessories
motorized 100 x 100 x 50
x 100150 x 100 x 50
x 100

200 mm Z coarse movement

• Measuring software OMS, IMS
• Various ring illuminations
• Turret with micro objectives
• Linear scales for X,Y and Z
• Attachment of external sensors