Consumables for Mounting

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Consumables for Mounting – Hitech Europe

Generally, the englobing of the sample is necessary for these reasons:

  • The sample is small or it has an irregular shape therefore the handling is difficult.
  • It is necessary to examine the edge of the sample for the analysis of the thickness of eletrochimical coatings, decarburization, heat treated surface, performing microhardness, etc.
  • Facilitate, under certain conditions, the identification of the sample and archiving.

For englobing the sample, depending on the requirements, it is possible to use the cold resin or the hot resin; for the later, you have to use a mounting press, which, reaching high temperature, and guaranteeing the necessary pressure, hardens the resin making the metallographic sample.
The cold resin consists in two or more components mixing together (resin + liquid) which are poured into a mold of appropriate size in which the sample is placed.
Hardening takes place by chemical reaction with evolution of heat.