EP50T is the Hitech Europe’s hydraulic mounting press offered by tecmet2000. It is an automatic machine, whose operating system has high execution speed and results. The touch screen and the microprocessor allow to create complex cycles in an easy way.
The solid structure in painted stainless steel cover the hydraulic system, that doesn’t need any air open.
Hitech Europe’s EP50T hydraulic mounting press is a flexible machine: the moulds are interchangeable (have a look at the catalogue for the different types of moulds – download catalogue) and the machine can produce two samples in a single cycle.


EP50P, EP50PT and EP52PT/TWIN are the pneumatic mounting press offered by tecmet2000. They are the bigger version of the EP16. Thanks to the 2000W power, the Hitech Europe’s metallographic presses has an high productivity and they are easy-to-use.
Our products’ features fulfil all the different needs of our customers as regard the metallographic sample preparation: our machine present a wide range of interchangeable moulds at competitive prices.