The metallographic press Hitech Europe EP16 is a pneumatic and automatic machine. It was built for simplifying and automating the hot mounting process for the sample preparation. The operator has only to select on the digital display the appropriate mounting cycle according to the resin type which is going to be used. Preset mounting cycle parameters (temperature and timing of heating and cooling), optimised for each type of resin, are stored in the control panel, and can then be selected for starting the embedding cycle. At the end of each cycle, the cooled sample can be pulled out from the heating chamber and passed onto the polishing process.
The hot mounting technique is preferable to the cold mounting one when the sample edges have to adhere perfectly to the resin – granted by the slight shrinkage during the cooling phase. Moreover, from an economic point of view the hot mounting resin is more convenient if compared with the cold mounting resin cost.
Preset mounting cycles, starter kit of materials and accessories for mounting the first samples are included.