Consumables for Cutting

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Consumables for Cutting – Hitech Europe

The cutting of a particular to examine, is made by a metallographic cut-off saw, which works with a cutoff wheel specific for the material to cut.
The choice of the cut-off wheels is fundamental in order to reach high results, and it depends on the hardness of the material to cut.
Hard or very hard materials require the use of “ductile” cut-off wheels, while some materials require the use of “hard” cut-off wheels.
Cut-off wheels are made by binder in which is included the abrasive substance.
The cut quality of a cut-off wheel is determined by the size of the abrasive grain (silicon carbide SiC, diamond powder etc..), and also by their form and distribution in the binder.
The wear resistance of the grinding wheel is determined by the agglomerated: it must quickly allow that the new abrasive grain starts to work, when the previous comes off during cutting, having lost the ability to cut for wear.
The detachment of the abrasive grain determines whether the blade is “ductile” or “hard”: it is defined ductile when the abrasive comes off easily during the cutting, therefore it wears quickly, while it is hard when the abrasive is bonded to the agglomerated, resisting longer consumption by irritation.
Particular attention has to be paid to the cutting operation, which must be done keeping the sample wet, in order to avoid adverse effects on the structure due to overheating during sectioning. It is therefore necessary to cool the sample with a cooling liquid.