The metallographic cut-off saws of the Series C400XL branded Hitech Europe are robust instruments, which can be easily used guaranteeing high precision and power at the same time. C400 XL Series models perform cuts without any microstructural damage. Hitech europe offers a wide range of models as regard this series. They all guarantee high versatility to meet any cutting requirements of the customer. The combining possibility fulfils any customer’s need and aims to carry out specific duties in the most various conditions.

The main features are the following:
• Three open sides for easily positioning the sample to cut (whatever the sample size is).
• Wide fixed table where to place different clamping devices.
• One or more manual or automatic cutting axes, which meets any cutting requirements of the customer.
• Different rotational speeds of the cutting wheel. It allows to maintain stable the peripheral and tangential speed ratio and the blade use.
• Transparent cover allows to have a better vision of the sample to cut. Opening and closing it is easy since it is fixed to a motorized lift system.
• Orientable control panel on the moving arm to a more ergonomic work procedure.
• Coolant re-circulating system with removable tank (option) to provide an healthier work environment.