The C Series metallographic cut-off saws branded Hitech Europe are robust and reliable machines for the sample preparation. The C Series has been designed and manufactured by tecmet2000 in order to meet the needs of customers. That’s why they are not only powerful and precise, but also based on cheap but functional technologies, which can combine efficiency with design.
The base is made by cast aluminium and the cover by impact and corrosion resistant ABS.
The large shatter-proof viewing window is in high density polycarbonate for a perfect view inside the cutting chamber, facilitated by the fluorescent lamp illuminating the area
The C250 Series models have a 2,2 KW engine.
An electromagnetic breaking system rapidly stops the wheel rotation and sets the motor in mechanical pause at the end of the cutting procedure.
Included in the C series machines, there’s a coolant re-circulating system with pump and sump assembly. Moreover, the cut off saws are equipped with flushing hose to keep the working top clean from residues.
The C series cut off saws are suitable for the installation of a lateral traverse working table. This device makes an easier displacement of the vice, by mean of an outer micrometric knob, with a significant saving of time in the cutting procedure.
There are different versions of the metallographic manual cut off saws C250 (C250 B, C250 S e C250 PB) in order to better fit the user’s needs.
tecmet 2000 supplies a wide range of abrasive cut off wheels for various materials (soft, average hard, hard, extra-hard, aluminium and titanium), in different materials (standard ones, specialized ones such as the universal and the fiberglass reticulum) and many diameters (from 200 mm. up to 300 mm.)
The offer includes the vegetable and ecologic cutting oil.