The precision sectioning machines C106/100 of Hitech Europe belongs to the small manual cutting machines family, well known for their high precision in cutting small dimension samples.

The cutting precision is an essential requirement for all laboratories, where the quality of results is a decisive factor: the sample structure must be preserved from any damage which could compromise the following microscopic examination.
When a precision cut-off saw is used, the cutting process takes longer than with a normal abrasive cutting machine, because of the low speed. After fixing the sample to its support, it should be put on the wafering blade; then it will be sectioned without altering its structure, thanks to the combination of the force of gravity with the variable loads applied.
The precision sectioning machine C106/100 cuts a wide range of samples (metallic, electronic, mineral and biologic ones) up to 45 mm thanks to the diamond wafering blades (standard or not) with 102-150 mm diameter. This machine has a solid steel structure, but with functional design. Moreover, it is small and compact. The structure includes a control panel and a potentiometer for setting the disc rotational speed.
The instrument microhardness tester has a 0.01mm accuracy for precise displacement setting. The load balancing system allows to apply a up to 300 grams. load to the samples during the cutting cycle. The micro switch limit stops the disc rotation at the end of the cutting cycle, to avoid any kind of damage to the sample and the machine as well.