Hitech Europe’s automatic polishers AP Series have three main features: ease of use, high flexibility and convenience (economically speaking) are all fundamental ingredients that make the AP the best choice.



The AP311 is the single wheel model of the AP series, it has a membrane control panel, while the AP311T model has a touch screen.
The double wheel models AP22 and AP32 have a different electronics.
It is possible to prepare 3 or 5 samples by individual pressure at the same time using the various rotating heads. The COMBO system allows to use, alternatively, the individual pressure or the central pressure.
As regard the AP series, the user can set the working wheel rotation speed (clockwise or anti-clockwise), the head speed (fixed or variable), the pneumatic pressure on the samples (regulated though a manostat) and the cycle time.
Furthermore it is possible to combine also the fluid dispenser / slurry P4T at any time. It is an electronic and programmable dispenser, that has a colour touch screen. This system allows the user to power the working wheel and to manage with 4 different type of abrasive supports for glanulometric composition (diamond liquids, alumina and colloidal silica). The P4T has 4 peristaltic pumps which make the working wheel using the most suitable abrasive disc according to the polishing phase. The abrasive disc is given to the Plc by the electronics, while the number and the using time of supply every minute are set thanks to the touch screen.
The P4T is completely independent of any instruments: in fact, it might be combined with all the Hitech Europe’s polishers or with any other polishing machine using an electronic device.