The company «Valma» is engaged in the sale of variety of businesses.

The field of expertise of the company «Valma» includes 2 business lines: the first one is the sale of variety of businesses, the second one is the sale of laboratory and manufacturing equipment.

Sale of variety of businesses

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Sale of laboratory and manufacturing equipment

In order to find the following equipment among laboratory and production equipment supplied by «Valma», please click the link to the Catalogue.

  • optical microscopes for reflected and transmitted lights
  • instrumental microscopes
  • hardness and micro hardness testers
  • Cutting machines
  • Grinding and polishing machines
  • Pendulum impact testers
  • Mounting presses
  • a full range of consumables for materialography
  • electromechanical and hydraulic universal testing machines
  • dilatometers and thermo mechanical analyzers
  • image analysis system
  • macro etching equipment

The company «Valma» provides the factory warranty up to two years on all our products. The company «Valma» provides warranty and post-warranty service. Our service engineers have been trained at the manufacturing plants in Germany, Italy and Japan.

Our experts have a wide experience in creating and preparing materials for testing and research.

Also we are ready to supply thin beryllium foils of our own production. We have the special technique for preparation and production of porous beryllium.